Nanook of the North, 1922, Robert J. Flaherty

Looking for the Real

Dokumentary Film


Thursday, January 11
10 am to 12 pm
Age 11 to 14

Friday, January 12
10 am to 12 pm
Age 7 to 10

What is documentary film? We can travel distant countries and visit other cultures with it, but it can also show us the familiar with fresh eyes. With the invention of film, completely new ways to record the world in motion and show it somehwere else were made possible. These potentials were made use of in the very first years of the medium's history. Stories were told, experiments were conducted, cinema was put to use to convey a rhythm, a detail, a sense of wonder in the face of reality. And in each of these cases we can ask what of what we see is reality and what of it is created by film itself - an expression of a subject as well as a technology.
Presented by Film Museum employee Stefan Huber