Program Preview October / November 2021

October 22 to November 25, 2021

Film as a Subversive Art 2021

A Tribute to Amos Vogel

The 2021 joint retrospective of the Viennale and the Austrian Film Museum is dedicated to Amos Vogel (1921–2012). The aim of our retrospective is not to reconstruct or re-enact any of the film programs Vogel put together, nor to screen the films he wrote about. Instead, we understand Vogel as an explorer of the cinematic present. Rather than putting together a tribute showcasing the works Vogel championed and thus canonized for his era, we choose to follow in his footsteps and champion his values – polyphony of voices, aesthetic and political disruption, and subversion – from today's perspective. [...]
October 21 to 31, 2021

Viennale at the Film Museum

The Austrian Film Museum is not only the venue for our joint retrospective with the Viennale, Film as a Subversive Art 2021, but also a festival cinema showing special programs and contemporary works from numerous filmmakers. [...]