Program October / November 2019

October 25 to December 4, 2019

O partigiano! Pan-European Partisan Film

In the aftermath of World War II, several European states, especially those newly formed, started reconstructing and reimagining their identities and recent histories by producing a vast number of films that celebrated and commemorated their guerrilla struggles against fascism. Overall, the joint retrospective of the Viennale and the Film Museum brings together forty-one titles from eighteen European countries. Aside from a handful of canonical works – classics such as Rossellini's Roma città aperta or Wajda's Kanal, that have achieved fame outside the partisan context, and celebrated partisan spectacles (Bitka na Neretvi) or anti-spectacles (Idi i smotri) – the majority of the films will be screening in Vienna (and internationally) for the very first time. As such, the retrospective presents itself primarily as a panorama of discoveries. [...]
October 25 to November 6, 2019

Viennale at the Film Museum

The Austrian Film Museum is not only the venue for the joint retrospective with the Viennale –  O partigiano! Pan-European Partisan Film – but also a festival cinema showing special programs and contemporary works. [...]
November 8 and 9, 2019

Guest at the Film Museum: Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Wolfgang Kohlhaase (*1931) is one of the most important screenwriters in the East German film history. The talks with Renata Schmidtkunz and Götz Spielmann will focus on the history of GDR film and the work of storytelling in script writing. [...]
November 8 and 9, 2019

Andreas Voigt

The Leipzig series

Documentary filmmaker Andreas Voigt (*1953) ranks among the top chroniclers of the German reunification. His multi-award-winning Leipzig series, in which he portrayed Leipzigers during the period between 1986 and 2015 as a long-term observation, is now being shown in Vienna for the first time. Andreas Voigt will be present at all the screenings and available for audience Q&As after the films. [...]
November 14, 2019

100th Birthday of Maria Lassnig

Symposium and Film Programs

To commemorate Maria Lassnig's 100th birthday, the Albertina honors the artist with an exhibition focusing on her paintings. Flanking this show, we are presenting Lassnig's complete work for the first time in 40 years, in new, 16mm copies. A two-day international symposium on November 13 and 14 provides insights into the origins and context of Lassnig's art; on the second day, the Film Museum is dedicated to her work in film and that of her contemporaries in American experimental films in the1970s. [...]
November 14 to 22, 2019

on the margins: the city 2

The Film Museum on Location in Floridsdorf

The Austrian Film Museum's Invisible Cinema on Tour will be making a stopover in Floridsdorf for a week. A total of nine film programs curated by Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek, with historical and contemporary films about the city's outskirts, will be presented. [...]
November 21 and 22, 2019

Kinoreal: Gerhard Friedl

Book Launch and Films

Although his oeuvre includes only a few titles, Gerhard Friedl's work possesses a unique, unmistakable quality. Ten years after Friedl's death in the summer of 2009, the volume Gerhard Friedl. Ein Arbeitsbuch (Gerhard Friedl. A Workbook) provides the very first 360-degree view of the filmmaker's work. Three film programs and a reading offer the opportunity to delve into the fascinating realm of his art, with some of his work now revealed for the first time. [...]
Cyclical Program | Each Tuesday

What is Film: Program 17–23

Works by Kenneth Anger, Luis Buñuel, René Clair & Francis Picabia, Aleksandr Dovženko, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Peter Hutton, Ken Jacobs, George Kuchar, Pat O'Neill, Man Ray, Ron Rice, Walter Ruttmann, Paul Sharits, Robert Siodmak & Edgar G. Ulmer, Andy Warhol [...]