COVID-19 Measures

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to consider to ensure a safe cinema experience for myself and other visitors?
  • Disinfect your hands at the disinfection station upon entering the foyer
  • Take short waiting times into consideration when entering busy areas of the cinema
  • Maintain a distance of one to two meters from other visitors.
  • Observe the markings on the floor when purchasing your tickets as well as during admittance to the cinema
  • Only members of the same group of visitors are allowed to sit next to one another in the cinema.
  • Please keep one or two seats free between yourself and other visitors
  • Card/contactless payment is recommended
Do I have to wear a protective mask in the Film Museum?
UPDATE, June 20: A protective mask should be worn in the foyer, for example when purchasing your ticket at the box office or entering the cinema. Once you have taken your seat in the cinema or the Filmbar, you can remove your mouth-nose protection. We kindly ask you to put the mask back on when leaving the cinema.

What measures is the Film Museum taking to enable a safe visit to the cinema?
In order to ensure your safety, we are introducing these preventive measures:
  • Reduced number of visitors in the auditorium and foyer
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection measures
  • Protection screen at the box office
  • Hand sanitizer in the foyer
  • Social distancing signs / Universal social distancing
  • Instruction of personnel on hygiene and social distancing guidelines
  • Contactless ticket control
  • Admittance to the cinema 15 minutes before the screening
How do I get my tickets?
You can reserve your tickets as usual on our website or by telephone. On July 1, we will start with the pre-sale of tickets at the box office in our foyer, which will be open from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Take advantage of this opportunity to secure your tickets in advance! From July 2, our box office will be open on screening days (Thursday to Sunday) from 6 p.m.

How many people can attend each screening?
In order to respect the minimum distance in our cinema, 81 seats and one wheelchair space are currently available.

Can I buy my tickets online?
At the moment, presale via our website is not yet possible. We are working on a solution and will keep you informed. Until then, please reserve your tickets as indicated above.

Will you still have free seating?
Yes, we are retaining our principle of free seating. We kindly ask our visitors to always keep one or two seats free between themselves (i.e., their group) and other visitors (i.e., other groups of visitors).

Is the Invisible Cinema air-conditioned?
Invisible and inaudible, our newly installed air conditioning guarantees a pleasant atmosphere indoors. In order to ensure the safe operation of our ventilation system, we are strictly following the recommendations of the authorities.

Does my membership include the summer cinema?
Yes, your membership naturally includes our summer cinema. As members of the Film Museum, you will receive tickets at the discounted price of 6,00 EUR (5,00 for students).

Can I become a member?
If you are not a member of the Film Museum yet, you can purchase a membership (EUR 13,50 regular, EUR 23,00 partner membership) at our box office anytime or sign up for one on our website.

Are you planning any special events for the supporting members?
Several screenings for our supporting members (starting from EUR 60,00 i.e. from EUR 100,00 for a supporting partner membership) will take place in the autumn. You will receive more information in a personal letter soon.