Relativ Eigenständig, 2017, Christin Veith (c) Filmfilm

Relativ Eigenständig

AUT 2017


Wednesday, November 22
10 am to 12.30 pm

Age 12 plus

There are two schools in the same street in the city of Graz - a private one trying out new ways to teach and learn and a public one. In a project that lasted a couple of years classes from both schools are getting to know each other through small videos they exchange. Thus the images they create become a medium of communication between two social groups that are usually kept apart from very early on. director Christin Veith edits this footage to not only document this meeting but also to make the end of childhood visible and as an analysis how social structures create inequality from the start.


The Screening (66 min) is followed by a discussion with director Christin Veith and some of the protagonists.