December 3 | Filmarchiv Austria, Vienna
Panel discussion in the framework of the exhibition "Analog_Digital" at the Filmarchiv Austria with Nikolaus Wostry (FAA), Janneke van Dalen (Austrian Film Museum), Michaela Mayr (ONB), Christoph Bauer (ORF).
Filmarchiv Austria

October 24 | Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL), Vienna
Film screening with talk about collecting objects in and outside of museums. With Paolo Caneppele and Michael Salge (Raumprojekt PerpetuuMobile 2.3, KAMA Wien)

October 21 | KV Leipzig
International Home Movie Day with Stefanie Zingl from the Austrian Film Museum 
Home Movie Day

October 18 I Austrian Film Museum, Vienna
Alejandro Bachmann: Filmprogram "The Cinema, Every Day I The Cinematic Everyday" with introduction and discussion in the context of the lecture series "Figurations of the Everyday" at the Theatre-, Film- and Media-Departement of the University of Vienna

September 26 | Wiener Filmarchiv der Arbeiterbewegung (WIFAR)
Paolo Caneppele presents the Film Museum project "Wien bewegt"

September 13 | Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Exhibition opening with Jeanine Meerapfel and Alexander Horwath "Tell It to the Stones. The Work of Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub"
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June 15 to 21 | Filmkollektiv Frankfurt
Introductions by Christoph Huber and Elisabeth Streit in the context of the Bo Widerberg Retrospective "Leben um jeden Preis"
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June 15 I Svenska Filminstitutet, Stockholm
Alejandro Bachmann: Presentation on the principles of film education at the Austrian Film Museum
June 7 | Cinémathèque québécoise, Montreal
Stefanie Zingl: "The List in a Suitcase. Amateur Film as Visual List" at the conference Cinema in the Eye of the Collector
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May 23 | Museum of the History of Photography, St. Petersburg
Workshop with Stefanie Zingl "Projecting Souvenirs. Home Movie Practice in Practice"
Photos from the Workshop

May 19 | Ehemaliges k. und k. Post- und Telegraphenamt, Vienna
Alejandro Bachmann: Panel "Bewegte Bilder: Film und Video als Medium der Architektur" in the framework of the exhibition "Entwerfen" at the TU Wien.
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May 18 | Lichtspiel Kinemathek, Bern
Stefanie Zingl and Raoul Schmidt: "Fragmentary Recollections. Shadows of Sound in Small Gauge Cinema" at the international conference The Noisy Amateur Film
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May 6 | George Eastman House, Rochester
Alexander Horwath: "My Life without Nitrate" (The James Card Memorial Lecture) at the Nitrate Picture Show 2017
Program Nitrate Picture Show 2017

May 5 | George Eastman House, Rochester
Panel discussion with Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke and Alexander Horwath after the screening of Michael Palm's Cinema Futures (2016)

May 3 to 7 I 22. International Film Symposium, Bremen
Alejandro Bachmann: Paper on "Film and Space - On the spatial language of film, exemplified through the museum space"

April 27 | Depot, Vienna
Book Launch Kino Buch. Filme, die ich gesehen habe. Protokolle der Stenotypistin Charlotte Gerth aus Leipzig by Katrin Erthel/Tabea Nixdorff and discussion with Paolo Caneppele

April 19 to 23 I Documentary Film Festival, Hamburg
Alejandro Bachmann: Program and discussion on the relationship of analogue film and documentary practice

April 15 | Dartmouth College, Hanover/USA
Panel with Alexander Horwath on "Film Advocacy: Museums, Archives, Collections" at the interdisciplinary conference "A Century of Filmkritik and Beyond"
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April 4 | Amerika-Haus, Vienna
Panel discussion "Die globale Bedeutung des amerikanischen Avantgarde-Films" with Bruce Jenkins and Mark Toscano, moderated by Alexander Horwath. In cooperation with Amerika-Haus and Diagonale.
Further information | Invitation

March 30 | Diagonale, Graz
Discussion with Alexander Horwath about film curatorship ("Film: Was bleibt?"). Introductions and Q&A's by Alejandro Bachmann in the context of the program "This is not America: Austrian Drifters".

March 14 | Universita' degli studi di Udine (Gorizia)
Lecture/Workshop Paolo Caneppele: "Lista, archivio, filmografia. Empatia ed emozioni nel lavoro archivistico"

February 3 I British Film Institute, London    
Alejandro Bachmann: Introduction at the book launch of The Cinema Hypothesis by Alain Bergala and participation at the discussion event on issues of film education theory, practice and culture
Live-stream of the event

January 13 I Cinemateca Portuguesa, Lissabon
"O Lugar do Analógico e o Desafio do Digital": Panel with Alexander Horwath on the issue of digitalisation and film preservation (ANIM: 20 ANOS)

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