COVID-19 Measures

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear a protective mask in the Film Museum?
UPDATE: The Film Museum is applying the recommended measures of the CoV-Ampel newly implemented by the Austrian Federal Government. As before, we ask all our visitors to wear a mask when entering the foyer. The Cov-Ampel is currently set to ORANGE hence the mask must be worn throughout your stay at the Film Museum including the time you are seated in our cinema. Contact information is required for all ticket purchases and reservations unless you are already a member of the Austrian Film Museum.

What do I need to consider to ensure a safe cinema experience for myself and other visitors?
  • Please note that masks are required at all times: in the lobby, the restrooms and in the auditorium.
  • Disinfect your hands at the hand hygiene station upon entering the lobby.
  • Take short waiting times into consideration when entering busy areas of the cinema
  • Maintain a distance of two meters from other visitors. Observe the markings on the floor when purchasing your tickets as well as during admittance to the cinema
  • Apply generally known rules of hygiene when coughing or sneezing
  • Admittance to the cinema 15 minutes before the screening
  • Only members of the same group of visitors are allowed to sit next to one another in the cinema. Please keep one or two seats free between yourself and other visitors
  • Card/contactless payment is recommended
How many people can attend each screening?
UPDATE: In accordance with the legal regulations, 49 seats and one wheelchair space are currently available. To ensure proper social distancing in the cinema, you will be assigned a seat when you purchase your ticket. Until further notice, tickets can only be issued on the day of the respective screening. Reservations are taken as usual.

Is the Invisible Cinema air-conditioned?
Invisible and inaudible, our newly installed air conditioning guarantees a pleasant atmosphere indoors. In order to ensure the safe operation of our ventilation system, we are strictly following the recommendations of the authorities.