Film Museum staff members are frequently present at international conferences, festivals and venues to hold lectures, introduce projects and give updates on the state of current research projects.


June 4 | Gewerbehaus, Wien
Panel "Cultural memory or digital blackout": Representatives of Filmmuseum and Filmarchiv Austria will discuss challenges of film and video archiving as well as possibilities for the long-term preservation of the audiovisual heritage in Austria.

May 17 to 19. | Fondazione Museo Storico del Trentino, Trient
Paolo Caneppele: Presentation of "La Grande Guerra in Internet. Pratiche di presentazione" at  the international conference "Rewinding the Great War"

April 11 to 14 I Kinodvor/Slovenska Kinoteka, Llubljana
Alejandro Bachmann: Lecture on experimental cinema in film education & two workshops in the context of the "2. International Conference on Film Education"
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March 16 to 25 | One World Romania 2018, Bucharest
Michael Loebenstein will present Cinema Futures by Michael Palm at the International Human Rights and Documentary Festival "One World Romania" and will discuss the importance of film archives and museums for civil society with academics, curators and filmmakers.
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March 13 to 18 I Diagonale, Graz
Alejandro Bachmann: Introductions and Q&A's with fimmakers in the context of the film program "Live Wire Province. Post-1968 Film Tropes of the Provincial."
Programm (PDF) | Diagonale

March 7 | La Cinémathèque française, Paris
Lecture Alexander Horwath: "La vie passée, repenser la restauration des films: quelques notes" at the festival Toute la mémoire du monde 2018
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March 1 | Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Median, Graz
Lecture by Michael Loebenstein and Paolo Caneppele ("Zwischen Detritus und Überrest: das Treibgut des Filmes") in the context of the exhibition "Was vom Kino übrig blieb"
Künstlerhaus Graz

February 22-23 | Università La Sapienza, Rome
Lecture by Paolo Caneppele at a training course dedicated to the archival treatment of family films organized by ANAI Associazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana ("I film di famiglia negli archivi audiovisivi e nelle biblioteche. Metodologie e pratiche archivistiche")
January 29 | International Film Festival, Rotterdam
Alejandro Bachmann: "Gazing at the Stars, Reflecting on Present and Past" - Conversation with Johann Lurf on his film at the symposium "Over the Moon. Imaging Technologies versus Popular Imagination".
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