on the margins : the city

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Austrian Film Museum
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Branch Sandleiten: June 2–16, 2018
In cooperation with SOHO in Ottakring
Rosa-Luxemburg-Gasse 7, 1160 Vienna
Daily, except Mon & Tue, 5–9 p.m.

Branch Seestadt: June 22–July 6, 2018
Sonnenallee 26, 1220 Vienna
Daily, except Mon & Tue, 5–9 p.m.
In the context of Basis.Kultur.Wien’s SHIFT-program the Film Museum will take an in-depth look at amateur films both in the collection and in contemporary formats that look at the city of Vienna from its margins.

Artists Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek will be heading this project in which the Film Museum will collect, show and preserve private moving images. Film and video-works from amateur filmmaking contexts of the last decades will be put into relation with contemporary forms of this practice, such as clips from mobile phones or social media uploads. As the title suggests the project will focus on the city’s periphery, wanting to both understand how these places have changed over the years as well as how people from these areas look at, think about, and represent the city. Last but not least the project is also meant to adress those people that can neither be described as producers of so-called high-brow culture nor are they its consumers.
The project touches upon three curatorial areas: collection, presentation, preservation. The images made on mobile phones are to be collected and analyzed and will be put into a dialogue with historical examples from our own collection. A variety of public presentations are to make results visible while the newly collected fillms are to also find their way back into the collection. Through this project the Film Museum hopes to intensify its exploration of ephemeral film — of its aesthetic, political and social dimensions and expand its collection through the addition of contemporary films.

Website of Gustav Deutsch: gustavdeutsch.net
Website of Hanna Schimek: hannaschimek.at

on the margins : the city is is financed by the SHIFT-program and will take place from September 2017 to August 2018.
Stefan Huber,
T +43 | 1 | 533 70 54 Ext 10