Program Jan | Feb 2019

I fidanzati (Die Verlobten), 1963, Ermanno Olmi
January 10 to February 28, 2019

Federico Fellini / Ermanno Olmi

We begin the new year with a juxtaposition of two of the most exceptional directors of Italian cinema. On the one hand, there is Federico Fellini (1920–1993), whose films La strada (1954) or La dolce vita (1960) made him one of the most famous filmmakers the world over. Fellini's style is so distinctive it even gave rise to a new word: Felliniesque – a fantastic exuberance of imagination that goes beyond the merely grotesque. As counterpoint, we present the somewhat less popular, but no less exceptional work of the recently deceased director Ermanno Olmi (1931-2018). Some of his first feature films such as Il posto and I fidanzati already saw Olmi establish himself as a key figure of the awakening of Italian cinema in the early 1960s. Later on in his career, the director found international success and recognition with works such as the Cannes winner L'albero degli zoccoli (1978) or the Venice winner La leggenda del santo bevitore (1988), based on a Joseph Roth novel. [...]
Ran, 1985, Kurosawa Akira
January 10 to February 28, 2019

War. Tracing an Evolution

In dialogue with the exhibition War. Tracing an Evolution at the Natural History Museum, the Austrian Film Museum will show a series of films that trace the archeology, (re)construction, and evolution of war narratives in cinema. A range of both historical and contemporary classics will be screened every Thursday and on select Sundays from January 10 to February 28, 2019. The selection includes early epics such as Rex Ingram's The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921), groundbreaking docudramas by Peter Watkins, the anti-war poetry of Andrej Tarkovskij's Ivan's Childhood (1921), Akira Kurosawa's Ran (1985), as well as A Field in England by Ben Wheatley (2013). [...]
The Savage Eye, 1960, Joseph Strick, Sidney Meyers, Ben Maddow
January 11, 2019

Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt's photographs are as shaped by filmmaking as her films are by photographic practices. In the spirit of her time, Levitt worked in both media from the beginning of the 1940s. The program will take place in cooperation with the Albertina, where a retrospective of Helen Levitt's photographs can be seen until January 27. [...]
Red Shift, 1984, Gunvor Nelson
January 18, 2019

Gunvor Nelson. Personal

The Austrian Film Museum and sixpackfilm present two programs with an array of films by Gunvor Nelson. Considered Sweden's most significant female experimental filmmaker, Nelson began her path on the US's West Coast in the 1960s. Along with pursuing her own artistic work, she taught at the San Francisco Art Institute for more than 20 years before returning to Sweden in 1993. [...]
February 6 and 7, 2019

A Collected Gaze

Australian Handmade Experimental Film 1967–2018

Australian experimental cinema contains many histories. One persistent storyline involves the use of the film medium as a tool to enlarge and enhance the viewer's perception. Another considers the recurrence of co-operative forms in an art practice marked by collectivism and collaboration. Yet another story relays artists' responses to the environment as a subject, protagonist and idea. These threads combine in the three programs of "A Collected Gaze". [...]
Cyclical Program | Each Tuesday

What is Film: Program 45–58

Works by Kenneth Anger, Bruce Baillie, Robert Beavers, Stan Brakhage, James Broughton, Jean Cocteau, Bruce Conner, Maya Deren, Robert J. Flaherty, Morgan Fisher, Peter Hutton, Joris Ivens & Mannus Franken, George Kuchar, Richard Leacock, Len Lye, Gregory J. Markopoulos & Robert C. Freeman, Jonas Mekas, Georges Méliès, Pat O'Neill, Ferry Radax, Hans Richter, Paul Sharits, Harry Smith, Karl Valentin, Jean Vigo [...]