Program February 2018

Un eroe dei nostri tempi (Ein Held unserer Tage), 1955, Mario Monicelli
I soliti ignoti (Diebe haben's schwer), 1958, Mario Monicelli (Foto: Deutsche Kinemathek)
February 9 to March 1, 2018

Mario Monicelli

The Human Comedy

Mario Monicelli was an exceptional figure of Italian cinema: a progressive thinker and contemporary whose work provided a critical commentary on Italian politics and history for more than half a century. Acting from a Marxist humanist perspective, Monicelli's creations mostly took on the form of popular comedies featuring film stars of the time. [...]
Der Mandarin, 1918, Fritz Freisler
February 23 and 26, 2018

After the Great War

Two Films by Fritz Freisler and James Whale

On the topic of cinema after 1918, Elisabeth Büttner and Christian Dewald write: "World War I divided the era into two epochs. Relationships, perception and thought have been shaken at the core and must be assembled anew." On the occasion of the anniversary year 1918/1938, the Film Museum will show two films that speak on the lasting effects of war on both minds and bodies. [...]
The Illiac Passion [Fragment], 1964–67, Gregory J. Markopoulos (Kadervergrößerung ÖFM)
Cyclical Program | Each Tuesday

What is Film: Program 49-54

Works by Stan Brakhage, Peter Hutton, Joris Ivens & Mannus Franken, George Kuchar, Richard Leacock, Len Lye, Gregory J. Markopoulos, Jonas Mekas, Hans Richter, Paul Sharits, Karl Valentin [...]