Program March 2018

Roman Holiday, 1953, William Wyler
The Asphalt Jungle, 1950, John Huston
March 2 to April 5, 2018

John Huston | William Wyler

in Dialogue with Frank Capra, John Ford and George Stevens

Two style-defining classical Hollywood directors, John Huston (1906–1987) and William Wyler (1902–1981), take center stage in our March program. Their films will be presented in dialogue with those of three contemporaries: Frank Capra, John Ford and George Stevens. All five directors were profoundly marked by the experiences of World War II and their filmic contributions to the U.S. Army's war effort. [...]
★, 2017, Johann Lurf
March 8 to 11, 2018

In Person: Johann Lurf

In the hands of Johann Lurf cinema resembles a finely tuned instrument resonating at various frequencies. The retrospective will include all of Lurf's works for the cinema, complemented by a carte blanche program selected by the artist. An exhibition of his graphic work and photographs as well as his installative Ameisenkino will be on display in the foyer of the Film Museum. The filmmaker will be present at all screenings and available for audience Q&As. [...]
Agfa 1938
March 11, 2018

From the Brown Years

Film documents of daily life during the Nazi era 1932-1941

The strained relationship between film and history is explored in our program From the Brown Years. Film documents of daily life during the Nazi era 1932-1941. Ingo Zechner and Michael Loebenstein will present footage filmed by Austrian and foreign amateurs during the "Anschluss" and thereafter. [...]
Täydellisen pimennyksen vyöhyke (Die Zone der totalen Finsternis), 2006, Mika Taanila
March 19, 2018

Driftwood: The Remains of Cinema

Film history encompasses far more than just professional cinema. It is also formed by what remains in its wake: the ephemeral, unfinished, ignored, forgotten. Along with private footage filmed in 1938, in the traditional Diagonale month of March we will address the Driftwood of film history. The exploration will begin with Olaf Möller's short film program on March 19: An evening highlighting special finds and works emerging from unrealized or thwarted projects. [...]
Kopf, ca. 1970, Maria Lassnig © 2017 Maria Lassnig Stiftung
April 5, 2018

Maria Lassnig: Films in progress

After their premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, we are proud to present a selection of both finished films and film fragments made by Maria Lassnig in 1970s New York. These "films in progress" were digitized by the Maria Lassnig Foundation in collaboration with the Film Museum and completed in the spirit of Maria Lassnig by Hans Werner Poschauko and Mara Mattuschka. [...]
Cyclical Program | Each Tuesday

What is Film: Program 55-63

Works by Bruce Baillie, Stan Brakhage, Bruce Conner, Joseph Cornell, Viking Eggeling, Morgan Fisher, Robert J. Flaherty, Ken Jacobs, Peter Kubelka, Owen Land, Georges Méliès, Pat O'Neill, Ferry Radax, Paul Sharits, Harry Smith, Jean Vigo, Günter Zehetner [...]