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The Austrian Film Museum at Fifty: Anniversary Projects
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Cover Hou Hsiao-hsien
Hou Hsiao-hsien
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Cover Michail Kalatozov
Salt for Svanetia / Nail in the Boot
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Cover Fragments of Kubelka
Fragments of Kubelka
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Cover Das sichtbare Kino
Das sichtbare Kino
The Shining, 1980, Stanley Kubrick

August 29 to October 15, 2014

Whereas Part One of the Film Museum's large-scale horror film retrospective covered half a century of cinema history in which the genre (literally) had to make a name for itself and reached its first "Golden Age," this second series focuses on a relatively small time span. The rapid increase in horror film production after 1968 went led to an equally swift transformation of the genre as such. Ever more radical positions were taken in quick succession.[...]

July 2 to September 3, 2014

For the Film Museum's 50th anniversary, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF will not only produce a TV documentary about the Museum and its history but also make space for film history in its own programming. The corporation’s cultural and historical channel, ORF III, has invited the Film Museum to program a series of ten evenings with classic films, covering all genres, which will be aired weekly on the network over the summer of 2014 – ten flashes of what film-on-TV is, or could be.[...]

September 10, 11, and 26 / October 3, 2014

The Premiere series, in which the Film Museum regularly presents important contemporary works for the first time in Vienna, starts with a bang in the new season with three guests and four screenings. On September 10 and 11, the German-born director Ludwig Wüst, whose work occupies a very distinct place in New Austrian Cinema, will present and speak about his two most recent films, Das Haus meines Vaters (2013) and Abschied (2014).[...]

September 27 to October 15, 2014

A strange thing about Finland: It is a place of longing for many, yet there are few concrete aspects that we usually connect with it. Older generations might still think of it as "the land of a thousand lakes"; others may remember it as a dynamo of design or mobile telephones... For the Film Museum Peter von Bagh has created a very personal parcours through Finnish cinema, reflecting his passions and assembling key works.[...]

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