Hard, Cracked the Wind, 2019, Mark Jenkin

Handmade In Britain: Mark Jenkin Shorts

Bronco's House Mark Jenkin. United Kingdom 2015, 35mm, bw, 44 min. English
Dear Marianne Mark Jenkin. United Kingdom 2016, DCP (from Super 8), colour, 6 min. English
The Road to Zennor Mark Jenkin. United Kingdom 2017, DCP (from Super 8), colour, 2 min. English
David Bowie Is Dead Mark Jenkin. United Kingdom 2018, DCP (from Super 8), colour and bw, 17 min. English
Hard, Cracked the Wind Mark Jenkin. United Kingdom 2019, DCP (from 16mm), bw, 17 min. English

This survey of Jenkin's recent shorter works showcases the fruits of his self-penned 2012 manifesto "Silent Landscape Dancing Grain 13" (aka SLDG13), a Dogme-influenced attempt to strip filmmaking back to bluntly beautiful basics. Like his feature Bait, all of these works were created via self-developed analogue film with post-dubbed soundtracks. The results are consistently compelling in their imperfection and multi-layered strangeness. Subject-wise, Jenkin ranges nimbly from the concrete to the philosophical, but is drawn irresistibly to landscape and its impact on people: usually Cornwall, sometimes beyond. His poetic eye encompasses the wider environment and the tiniest detail with equally sensitive scrutiny. (N.Y.)

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