The Austrian Film Museum's Sustainability Strategy

The Film Museum received the Austrian Ecolabel for Museums on May 5, 2023. We are committed (even more than before) to carefully using energy, water and waste resources.
An energy assessment showed us areas for improvement and which energy-saving measures we can use in the future. We also plan to successively reduce our water use.
For a number of years now, we have implemented a wide array of sustainability measures: We make upcycled tote bags from our used Film Museum poster designs and our Film Museum t-shirts are made from organic cotton and are printed by hand in Vienna; products from previous seasons such as books, posters and t-shirts are sold at flea markets; and in the series "Collection on Screen," which started in 2021, we exclusively show films from our own collection to cut down on lending traffic of film prints and related (overseas) transport.
The Filmbar, operated by an external renter, is aware of our expectations for sustainability and plants to adapt accordingly.
To raise awareness about sustainability and environmental questions among our staff, we are organizing workshops and training days. Our audience also plays a part in our sustainability measures: a waste sorting system in the cinema lobby makes separating waste easy, we have had an online ticket system since 2020, allowing for paperless visits to the cinema and we encourage all guests to use public transport or bikes when visiting the cinema.
Besides protecting the environment, a central role is also played by social sustainability. This includes respect among team members, protecting workers' interests and gender-equal structures, to name only a few important areas. The Film Museum also supports the continuing education of its staff and does its best to employ "fair play" guidelines.
Also in terms of social sustainability, our cinema provides barrier-free access with 163 seats and 2 wheelchair spaces and is equipped with an assisted listening system. Guests accompanying people with special needs receive free entry. The Film Museum is part of the initiative "Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur" and offers free tickets to Kulturpass holders.
We regularly review and update our sustainability measures to ensure that we reach our set goals and fulfill our contribution to protecting our environment and society.
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He Stands in a Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life, 1964–85, Jonas Mekas
He Stands in a Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life, 1964–85, Jonas Mekas
He Stands in a Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life, 1964–85, Jonas Mekas
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