The Film Museum has been publishing books since the 1960s. After the first two publication series (in the 1960s and 80s), a "third wave" starting in 2002 has seen the launching of two new book series: Together with Zsolnay Publishing, volumes on popular genres and major film artists are published in the (German language) series KINO. The other series, jointly edited with SYNEMA Society for Film and Media under the imprint FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen, offers richly illustrated books on the work of independent filmmakers and on topics of film history and theory.


The books in the latter series are often bilingual (German and English) or in English only. Our online shop offers descriptions of the individual volumes and the possibility to order all books. Booksellers may order all English-language titles through our international distributor Columbia University Press.



As a founding member of the Edition Filmmuseum, the Austrian Film Museum has been producing luxuriously appointed DVDs of rare films since 2005. We consider the DVD not as a replacement medium but as an extension and appendix to the film event; the DVD serves as an educational tool in archival and curatorial work, and supplies materials which add to the understanding of film history.


Institutional sales in North America are handled by Gartenberg Media Enterprises.


>>> Awards for the Film Museum's DVD publications


Online Publications

As of 2009, sections of the Film Museum's non-film collections have gradually been made accessible online and from 2012 moving images have been added on the website (Film online). In Online publications, e.g. in the film and cultural  studies online magazine Nach dem Film, texts and transcripts relating to in-house programs and events are made permanently accessible. The chapter Papers provides essays, lecture transcripts, policy papers and conversations on topics that are central to the work of film museums and archives – and to the rapidly changing field of moving image culture in general.

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