Futura, 2021, Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi, Alice Rohrwacher


Director: Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi, Alice Rohrwacher. IT, 2021, 110 min. Italian with English subtitles
Three Italian filmmakers plan to travel the country separately with the idea of asking young people about the future. How do they see themselves ten years from now? What are their expectations? What are they afraid of? Rohrwacher, Marcello and Munzi set out on that journey in early 2020. And the first part of their documentary does indeed focus on these young people, their dreams and fears about the future. The only thing that neither the directors nor the interviewees could imagine was that this future was going to change radically from one day to the next because of the arrival of COVID-19 and how that would end up altering everybody's plans and ideas. From Venice to Naples, from Palermo to Rome, from Milan to Pisa, from Brescia to Genoa, the film allows us to hear what young people think about the most relevant things in their lives: study, work, the economy, social networks, their parents, politicians, the environment, and how they see themselves as adults. When we meet these kids again after a few months of fear and lockdowns, we can tell they have been subtly altered by the impact of all that and that they will no longer be the same. Neither will the movie. (Diego Lerer)

Screening dates:

So 24.10.2021 13:30
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