Die Maifeier der Wiener Arbeiterschaft, 1923

Film Documents and Contemporary History:

"Let's hear it for sports!"

May 25, 2008
Sports and popular culture have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship since the 19th century; it is one of the most rewarding areas in cultural-historical research. The fourth chapter in the Film Museum's series presents film documents of sports events in the context of film history (spectacle, kinetics, physicality), the history of urban mentality (sports as part of proletarian and mass culture), and political history (national identity and class politics). The films on show will include sporting events between 1914 and the 1970s, from Vienna's soccer derbies before World War I to gymnastics festivals held by the various political groups in the First Austrian Republic and the "Karl Schranz Affair" during the 1972 Winter Olympics. A special focus will be devoted to film documents pertaining to Austrian soccer.

For each series, films are listed in screening order.
Running time: 61 min
Sun, 25.05.2008 14:30