11x14, 1977, James Benning

Viennale at the Film Museum

October 26 to November 8, 2018

For the first time, the Austrian Film Museum is not only the venue for the joint retrospective with the Viennale – The B-Film – but also a festival cinema showing special programs and contemporary works from filmmakers like James Benning, Gabrielle Brady, Dora García, Roberto Minervini, Werner Schroeter, Claire Simon, Frederick Wiseman or Teresa Villaverde.
The following artists will be present at their screenings: James Benning (11x14, L. Cohen), Derek Chiu (No. 1 Chung Ying Street), Ognjen Glavonić (Teret/The Load), Yervant Gianikian (I diari di Angela - Noi due cineasti), Albert Serra und Montse Triola (Roi Soleil), Paul Grivas (Film catastrophe), Dora García (Segunda vez/Second Time Around), Claire Simon (Premières solitudes/Young Solitude), Eva Trobisch, Aenne Schwarz und Hans Löw (Alles ist gut), Volker Koepp und Barbara Frankenstein (Seestück), Gustavo Vinagre (Lembro mais dos corvos/I Remember the Crows).
No reservations accepted for screenings from October 26 to November 8, special ticket regulations apply during the Viennale.
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