Gerhard Jagschitz © Robert Jäger/APA

In Memoriam Gerhard Jagschitz: Book Launch

January 26, 2021 (postponed)
Systematically archiving audiovisual media is just as important as archiving documents, historical records, books, and museum pieces. We owe this awareness to the work of several important historians whose theory and practice emphasized the specific meaning of audiovisual media in historical research.
Gerhard Jagschitz (1940-2018) was one such pioneer. The serious and appropriate use of images, sounds, and films in the mass media and in research was one of his lifelong preoccupations. A new festschrift published by Medien Archive Austria (MAA) is devoted to Jagschitz's pioneering work in the field of audiovisual media, from photography and film to oral history on TV and in universities and public discourse.
This book presentation will include a discussion of Jagschitz's significant work with and in the media by companions and colleagues including Oliver Rathkolb (Director of the Department of Contemporary History of the University of Vienna), Gabriele Fröschl (Director of the Österreichische Mediathek), Herbert Hayduck (Director of the ORF Archive), and Michaela Pfundner (Director of the Department of Image Documentation at the Austrian National Library). Many examples from the collections of the National Library, the Österreichische Mediathek, and the ORF archive will be shown. (Translation: Ted Fendt)
Gabriele Fröschl, Rainer Hubert, Michael Loebenstein (ed.), Zeithistoriker und Protagonist. Festschrift für Gerhard Jagschitz, Vienna 2022 

A joint presentation of Medien Archive Austria (MAA), the Department of Contemporary History of the University of Vienna, and the Austrian Film Museum.

1 euro solidarity contribution for the "Kulturpass" initiative

Unfortunately, the book presentation scheduled for January 26 had to be postponed.
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