Dziga Vertov
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Dziga Vertov's Enthusiasm (Symphony of the Donbass) is considered a masterpiece of early sound film and of Soviet avant-garde cinema. Dealing with the Five Year Plan of the late 1920s, it was praised by artists like Charlie Chaplin, was subsequently forgotten, and rediscovered by the avant-garde movement of the 1960s.

This edition presents the film, for the first time on DVD, in two versions: the print preserved in the former Soviet Union's Gosfilmofond as well as Peter Kubelka's fascinating restoration which – by re-syncing image and sound – allows the viewer to experience what Vertov considered the new language of sound cinema. In Restoring Enthusiasm, Peter Kubelka – filmmaker and co-founder of the Austrian Film Museum – demonstrates the principles of his restoration work and discusses Vertov's concepts of cinema. The Extras section presents rare items from the Vienna Vertov Collection, also previously unavailable on video and DVD. The DVD won the award for Best DVD 2005-2006 at the Cinema Ritrovato Film Festival in Bologna. 


"Thanks to the Austrian Film Museum's superb new double DVD, the film can at last be fully appreciated in a restored version alongside the original. ... For Vertov enthusiasts, the DVD includes two further extras: some rare footage of Vertov collected by his collaborator and wife Elizaveta Svilova; and a film of the opening of the first major Vertov exhibition, at the Austrian Film Museum in 1974. Indispensable." (Sight & Sound)
Edition Filmmuseum 01
1st edition: 2005
Edited by: Austrian Film Museum
DVD 1: Ėntuziazm (Simfonija Donbassa) (1930, Dziga Vertov) 65 min, restored and unrestored Version 
DVD 2: Peter Kubelka: Restoring Ėntuziazm (2005, Realisation: Joerg Burger, Michael Loebenstein) 65 min | Vertov Filmed in Person (1920-30, Realisation: Elisaveta Svilova) 1 min | Vertov Exhibition 1974 at the Austrian Film Museum (1974) 12 min
Language: Russian (DVD 1/2), English (DVD 2)
Subtitles: German, English
All Regions, PAL, 4:3 (DVD 1/2), 16:9 (DVD 2)
4 page booklet with essays by Klemens Gruber (in German) and John MacKay (in English)


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