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James Benning
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In casting a glance one artist pays tribute to another as James Benning offers his filmic paean to Robert Smithson’s legendary "earthwork" sculpture, the Spiral Jetty. With RR, his homage to the American railroad, the filmmaker brings an era to its close by going back to cinema's roots. Shot back-to-back over a period of two years, these works marked James Benning's farewell to analog filmmaking and together constitute the profound "last words" on the film medium by one of its most singular innovators. This 2-disc set presents both films together with rare audio interviews in which Benning recounts the experience of making his "last" films and gives unique insight into his creative methods.
"These are two of the most uncompromising and all-encompassing American films of the millennium, perhaps all of cinema... Brilliant ideas and singular experiences like these are for everyone, period." (IONCINEMA.com)
"*****" (De Filmkrant)
Edition Filmmuseum 76
1st edition: 2012
Edited by: Austrian Film Museum
DVD 1: casting a glance (2007, James Benning) | Benning: Casting a Glance at "casting a glance" (Extracts from a Q&A with the filmmaker at the Austrian Film Museum on November 1, 2007) 17 min, Audio only
DVD 2: RR (2007, James Benning) 107 min | James Benning: RR - JB - QA (Extracts from a Q&A with the filmmaker at the Austrian Film Museum on November 2, 2007) 19 min, Audio only
Language: No dialogue, English
Subtitles: German
All Regions, 4:3 PAL
20 page bilingual booklet (in English and in German) with contributions by Christian Höller and James Benning

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