Retrospective Jacques Demy | Agnès Varda

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Accompanying the retrospective Jacques Demy / Agnès Varda of the Viennale and the Austrian Film Museum, a book written in German, has been published. Contributors include Jörg Becker, Michel Caen & Alain Le Bris, Serge Toubiana, Nicolas Saada, Jean Douchet, Elisabeth Büttner, Thierry Jousse, Serge Daney, Jean Narboni & Serge Toubiana, Jean-André Fieschi und Claude Ollier, André Bazin, Agnès Varda, Frieda Grafe, Alain Bergala & Hervé le Roux and Frédéric Bonnaud.
Plus extensive material for every film screened within the retrospective.
Retrospective Jacques Demy / Agnès Varda
A Viennale publication, edited by Astrid Ofner.
Vienna 2006, 183 pages. In German.
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