Dominik Graf

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Dominik Graf, an exception in the film/television business, is a man of many parts. This is precisely what makes him so fascinating. He is a genre filmmaker, who guilefully attained freedom from within the rigid confines of television, and wrote (German) TV history with his episodes of Der Fahnder and Tatort. His sole commercial hit in theatres, Die Katze, has developed into a veritable "generational text". He is an auteur filmmaker in the spirit of the nouvelle vague or New Hollywood, who made waves with such masterpieces as Spieler, Der Felsen, Die Freunde der Freunde or Das Gelübde. He is also a wonderful writer on film – and a polemical commentator of recent German history. However, these parts cannot be separated so clearly, something which this book explains through an essay by Christoph Huber, an richly annotated filmography by Olaf Möller and an in-depth interview with Dominik Graf by both authors.


Dominik Graf
Christoph Huber, Olaf Möller
FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen Vol. 18
Vienna 2013, 208 pages, ca. 90 illustrations
In German
ISBN 978-3-901644-48-1
All publications produced by the Austrian Film Museum are distributed internationally by Columbia University Press.
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