Haneke on Haneke

Gespräche mit Michel Cieutat und Philippe Rouyer
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The book Haneke on Haneke holds a special place among the many publications on the director which have appeared in recent years. Inspired by a classic, François Truffaut's Le cinéma selon Hitchcock, French film critics Michel Cieutat and Phillippe Rouyer conducted detailed discussions with the director over an extended period of time, covering each of his films from 1974 to 2012, as well as his influences and "turning points," his film practice and artistic principles. 

The original French edition (published in the fall of 2012) has been released in 2013 by the Alexander Verlag in a German translation overseen by Michael Haneke: 400 pages in which the author details his work as never before. The book also includes numerous illustrations from Haneke's collection of papers, which is held at the Austrian Film Museum.

Haneke on Haneke

Conversations with Michael Cieutat and Philippe Rouyer
Alexander Verlag Berlin | Köln

In German.


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