The Austrian Film Museum at Fifty

Three Books in a Slipcase
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With a major three-volume publication, the Film Museum wants to illuminate its programming and collections activity since 1964 from various perspectives.  

Volume 1 is a work of historical research, describing in detail the establishment and development of the institution – from post-war Viennese film culture and its protagonists to the tenth anniversary of the Film Museum in early 1974. 
Volume 2 extends the time frame up to the year 2014 and offers a richly illustrated anthology of essays, documents, memories, and correspondence. It highlights the major retrospectives staged by the Film Museum over a period of 50 years and celebrates many of the visiting artists as well as the writers who contributed to the museum’s international recognition – or to its curatorial positions.
Volume 3 focuses on the museum's holdings by picturing and describing 50 objects from various subfields of the collection. At the same time, the book suggests a non-dogmatic reading of film history.


"Director Alexander Horwath has done a monumental job in bringing a great deal of material together, creating not only a history of the Filmmuseum but a real contribution to international film culture. ... The texts in all of the books are in German, but there are so many posters, photos, sketches, diagrams, and storyboards (one by Vertov) that you learn merely by browsing. These volumes are a must for research libraries with a focus on film." (David Bordwell)


Volume 1


Die Gründung des Österreichischen Filmmuseums

by Eszter Kondor
FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen Vol. 20 
Vienna 2014, 224 pages, 40 b/w illustrations. In German.


Volume 2

Das sichtbare Kino

Fünfzig Jahre Filmmuseum: Texte, Bilder, Dokumente

Edited by Alexander Horwath. With a foreword by Martin Scorsese

FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen Vol. 21

Vienna 2014, 352 pages, 200 Color and. In German, some parts in English.


Volume 3


Fünfzig Objekte: Filmgeschichten aus der Sammlung des Österreichischen Filmmuseums
Edited by Paolo Caneppele und Alexander Horwath

 FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen Vol. 22

Vienna 2014, 192 pages, 180 color illustrations. In German.


ISBN 978-3-901644-53-5


All publications produced by the Austrian Film Museum are distributed internationally by Columbia University Press  
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