The Real Eighties

Amerikanisches Kino der Achtzigerjahre: ein Lexikon
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A transformative decade that witnessed the US film industry's restructuring under the pressures of neo-liberal globalisation, the 1980s swept away the last remnants of Old and New Hollywood alike while preparing the ground for today's High Concept wasteland – thus goes an all too familiar tale of decline. The texts assembled in this volume tell a different, altogether more fitful and complex story about Reagan Era Hollywood, attuned to the struggles that went on behind and in front of the camera: interrupted careers, defiant last stands, paths not taken. The book places particular emphasis on modes of realism from within the mainstream of US popular cinema that resisted the tide of the times. The lexicon format, allowing for many perspectives and constellations while imposing none, encourages the reader to make their own connections, drawing out parallel histories that restore a sense of possibility to the canonical course of film history. From forgotten masters to minor works of the greats, from the defining actors of the decade to its definitive genres, from resistant independents to the resistible rise of the multinational corporation: The Real Eighties await rediscovery.     
With contributions by Michael Althen, Andrey Arnold, Alejandro Bachmann, Johannes Binotto, Hartmut Bitomsky, Hannes Brühwiler, Andreas Busche, Adam Cook, Brigitte Desalm, Diedrich Diederichsen, Lukas Foerster, Fritz Göttler, Dominik Graf, Frieda Grafe, Friederike Horstmann, Alexander Horwath, Christoph Huber, Michael Kienzl, Ekkehard Knörer, Michelle Koch, John Lehtonen, Hans Christian Leitich, Sulgi Lie, Elena Meilicke, Olaf Möller, Oliver Nöding, Nikolaus Perneczky, Bert Rebhandl, Drehli Robnik, Simon Rothöhler, Joachim Schätz, Hans Schifferle, Alexandra Seibel, Leonie Seibold, Silvia Szymanski, Robert Wagner
The Real Eighties
Amerikanisches Kino der Achtzigerjahre: ein Lexikon

Edited by Lukas Foerster and Nikolaus Perneczky
FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen Vol. 31
Vienna 2018, 224 pages, in German
ISBN 978-3-901644-71-9
Table of Contents - The Real Eighties (PDF)

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