Batang West Side

Lav Diaz
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The first major epic in the oeuvre of Lav Diaz (b. 1958) is a powerful contemporary portrait of the Filipino diaspora in New York and New Jersey: A Filipino-born detective investigates the murder of Hanzel Harana, a Filipino teenager, and must plod along with tenacity to break through the wall of silence surrounding the boy's death. The trail of the designer drug "shabu" runs through the film like a bloody trickle, but Diaz delegates the accounts of crime, domestic violence, and the discontent in the souls of his characters to the background for the most part, instead relying on the hypnotic portrait of a decaying life as a symbol of alienation from home. The more we learn about the protagonists, the more complex, intangible, and contradictory our image of them becomes.

"Allow works of proportion and beauty to exist, and we will develop an audience with philosophies lofty and profound enough to properly appreciate the art of cinema. People will watch and enjoy Batang West Side."
From: "The Aesthetic Challenge of Batang West Side" by Lav Diaz

Edition Filmmuseum 121
1st edition: 2022
Edited by: Austrian Film Museum
DVD 1 & 2: Batang West Side (USA/Philippines 2001, Lav Diaz) 289 min. Cast: Joel Torre, Yul Servo, Priscilla Almeda, Gloria Diaz, Arthur Acuña
DVD 2: The Boy Who Chose the Earth (Viennale Trailer 2018) (Philippines 2018, Lav Diaz) 2 min. Cast: Sid Miles Garcia
Language: Tagalog and English OV (Subtitles: English and German); Extra: No dialogue
All Regions, 16:9 PAL
20-page booklet with Lav Diaz' essay "The Aesthetic Challenge of Batang West Side" in German and English, a conversations between Christoph Huber and Jurij Meden in English, and a short essay by Eva Sangiorgi on The Boy Who Chose the Earth (Viennale-Trailer 2018) in German and English
DVD launch on May 17, 2022
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