Retrospektive Raúl Ruiz

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Accompanying the retrospective Raúl Ruiz of the Viennale and the Austrian Film Museum a publication featuring texts for every film shown in the retrospective has been published.

Raúl Ruiz has left us more than a hundred films, some of them posthumously, accompanied by extensive writings in verse and prose. The catalog contains commentaries by Raúl Ruiz himself in the form of interviews and descriptions of his films. There is also an essay by Adrian Martin, who has long studied Ruiz's work, and a text on his writing practice by Bruno Cuneo.
Also included is an unpublished transcript of a meeting of the "Belleville Circle" that accompanied Ruiz's philosophical and creative digressions. "Short Film on Visual Representation and History of Painting," co-authored by Ruiz and philosopher Jean Louis Schefer, exemplifies his playful and unconventional essay style. Finally, two more personal texts by Chilean filmmakers Ignacio Agüero and Dominga Sotomayor acknowledge the importance of his legacy and make connections to his work.
Retrospective Raúl Ruiz
A Viennale publication, edited by Eva Sangiorgi
Vienna 2023, 96 pages. In English
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