Since 1964, the Austrian Film Museum has dedicated itself to the collection, preservation, research, and communication of the medium of film in all its aspects. Most prominently, this includes the public presentation of film as an art form, cultural technique, and historical document in our "Invisible Cinema" in the Albertina building. 
The Film Museum strives to show films in their original format, presenting the best possible film prints available worldwide (35mm or 16mm). Works that were originally produced or presented on video or digitally are shown in the same format. For curatorial or conservation reasons it is frequently becoming necessary to show works produced on film in a digital format as well, simply because projectable analogue material is no longer accessible.
Films are shown in their original language version and subtitled if necessary. For our international guests, screenings in English are specially indicated.



Color Correction Blind Husbands
Film Preservation

Restoration Blind Husbands

Čelovek s kinoapparatom (Der Mann mit der Kamera), 1929, Dziga Vertov
Special Collections

Collection Dziga Vertov

Ekvinocij (Tagundnachtgleiche), 1973, Tatjana Ivančić
Film Preservation

The Films of Tatjana Ivančić

Aus einem Werbefilm für die Eumig Mini 5 Zoom
Film Collection Insights

Eumig Museum Deposit