Paper Collection

Acquisition of film-related materials and documents by the Film Museum dates back to the founding of the institution in 1964.


The collection contains materials and documents produced throughout the process of making movies, such as treatments, scripts, promotional materials, press kits, screening invitations, advertisements, reviews, distribution catalogs, magazines, newspaper articles and clippings, as well as unbound documents which may contain brief film descriptions or production-related information. These documents include filmmaker bios and filmographies, interviews, obituaries, and correspondence including letters, postcards and greeting cards. Another aspect of the collection is focused on film festivals, events as exhibitions and retrospectives, as well as technical developments in cinema and film projection, represented through materials such as program notes, brochures and manuals.


These materials are stored in acid-free paper envelopes (numbered consecutively) in dossiers separated into categories: Film, Person, Corporation, Film Festival, Event, and Technics. The dossier titles and groups are searchable via the database. Screenplays, along with festival and rental catalogs are stored separately.


It is the Museum's policy to make as many materials as possible available to students as well as scholars. Open and "barrier-free" access to the collections via online search helps create transparency as well as a connection to both academics and researchers.


Paolo Caneppele
Film-Related Collection Manager

+43 1 533 70 54 Ext 211