Qué será del verano (What Will Summer Bring), 2021, Ignacio Ceroi

Qué será del verano (What Will Summer Bring)

Director: Ignacio Ceroi; With Ignacio Ceroi, Mariana Martinelli, Charles Louvet. AR, 2021, 86 min. English/French with English subtitles
A young filmmaker travels to France during the Argentine summer before the pandemic because his girlfriend is studying there. When he arrives, he buys a simple, outdated digital camera because he wants "to film everything". But on the camera's memory card, he finds material filmed by the previous owner. The fascination that these home movies stir in him compels him to contact the man that filmed them. From then on, the filmmaker dedicates himself to using these images to make a montage of this other man's life rather than filming his own images.
The correspondences between the filmmaker and the previous owner of the camera and the incredible footage it contains propel an unforeseen tale which abounds with a love for dogs, the study of the life of another person which explores many things at once: the life of someone from a different era and class, philosophical speculation, curiosity for otherness, perplexity in the face of beliefs with no scientific backing, political life in Cameroon and France. Ceroi is not afraid to revisit a tradition as demanding as it is free that is best represented by that giant who is Chris Marker: reality nestled in fiction, fiction in reality. Given the unpredictable nature of the tale, the result is fascinating. (Roger Koza)

With Ignacio Ceroi in attendance

Screening dates:

Sa 23.10.2021 13:30
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