Rampart, 2021, Marko Grba Singh


Director: Marko Grba Singh. RS, 2021, 62 min. Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles
Preceded by:
Pa vend (Displaced) Samir Karahoda. XK, 2021, 15 min. Albanian with English subtitles
Alone in an empty apartment in Belgrade, Marko Grba Singh, director of Rampart, tries to grasp the last traces of a lost home. He captures how silence sounds in it, and how light changes within minutes, the marks in the walls made by years of family life. Slowly, history starts to literally materialize on these walls as we start seeing a deeply personal account turned into a historical event. The old expression "if these walls could talk ..." comes to life here, by finding the history that inhabits them through material memories, family videos from 1998 and 1999, and the records of that one other time when this apartment was empty: during the NATO bombings of 1999. Moments of happiness mix with the family's reaction to the attacks, their observations of the sky, counting the days that go by with bombs falling close. Slowly the film leaves the house and undertakes a lyrical exploration of the city and its surroundings, the origin of all dreams and nightmares. Rampart sometimes feels as if we were in a video game, one that explores Belgrade as an affective territory in constant conflict, a place that is also called home. (Lucía Salas)
With Marko Grba Singh in attendance

Screening dates:

Do 28.10.2021 13:30
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