Outside Noise, 2021, Ted Fendt

Outside Noise

Director: Ted Fendt; With: Daniela Zahlner, Mia Sellmann, Natascha Manthe. DE/KR/AT, 2021, 61 min. English/German with English subtitles
Preceded by:
Train Again 2021, Peter Tscherkassky. AT, 2021, 20 min
One of the characters in Classical Period, Ted Fendt's previous film, suffers from insomnia. After reading all night, she wanders the streets and bumps into a friend. He asks, "Does it help?" She replies, "No, but it's something to do." This seems to be the origin story to Outside Noise, a film about wandering and insomnia. Daniela can't sleep, whether in New York, Berlin or Vienna. Mia has similar troubles, and Natascha seems to be quietly falling apart too. Is some outside noise keeping them in this half-vigilant, half-dormant state? We all know this noise, the heavy noise of empty days, it's everywhere, like anxiety. The film seems to be a way of dealing with this state by means of beauty, light , and movement, based on the belief that to be fair is to be poetic. Like in Classical Period, people here communicate by exchanging impressions of things other than themselves (people, books, cities, and ways of exploring them, theories, favorite museums, seasons, the moon), in order to create a world in common. Serge Daney said that we take care of the things we love, and they take care of us in return. This is one of those things. Maybe true friendship is the total absence of noise. (Lucía Salas)
With Ted Fendt and Zsuzsanna Kiràly (Producer) in attendance

Screening dates:

Sa 30.10.2021 19:00
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