brouillard #14, 2013, Alexandre Larose

Nicole Brenez III

De-Anthropocentrize, Reorient

The Mirror of Possible Worlds Fergus Daly. IE, 2020, DCP, color, 24 min. English
Birds by the Sea Wolfgang Lehmann. DE, 2008, DCP, color, 2 min
Filmatruc à verres n°2 (compte-rendu d'installation) Silvi Simon. FR, 2010, DCP, color, 2 min
Filmatruc à verres n°4, Orage (compte-rendu d'installation) Silvi Simon. FR, 2012, color, DCP, 2 min
brouillard #14 Alexandre Larose. CA, 2013, 35mm, color, 10 min
Lightning Dance Cecilia Bengolea. AR, 2018, DCP, b/w, 6 min
Herbs (élément d'installation, extrait) Silvi Simon. FR, 2019, DCP, color, 3 min
A Floral Tribute for Essex Road Jayne Parker. GB, 2019, DCP, color, 5 min
Phytography Karel Doing. NL, 2020, 16mm, color, 8 min
Promenade 1 Zélie Parraud. FR, 2021, DCP, color, 1 min
Promenade 2 Zélie Parraud. FR, 2021, DCP, color, 1 min
"Nature, the inexhaustible resource of encounters worthy of speechless communication," declares Abbas Kiarostami in Fergus Daly's beautiful journey. How can cinema free itself of its anthropocentric and industrial determinations? Each of the films presented here offers a solution, be it iconographic or technical, whether it involves renewing a representation or producing one's own film reels, dancing with one's whole body with nature as one's partner or imagining a sound as animals might perceive it. (N.B.)
With Fergus Daly in attendance on October 31

Screening dates:

So 31.10.2021 11:00
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