Kaisōroku (Memoiren), 1977, Okabe Michio

Hirasawa Go III

Short Film Program

Seishōnen no tame no eiga nyūmon (Young Person's Guide to Cinema) Terayama Shuji. JP, 1974, 16mm (tripple projection), color, 3 min
Satsujin katarogu (Murder Catalogue) Matsumoto Toshio. JP, 1975, DCP, color, 20 min. Japanese with German subtitles
Kaisōroku (Memoir) Okabe Michio. JP, 1977, DCP (from 16mm), sw, 22 min. Japanese with German subtitles
24 Frames per Second Iimura Takahiko. JP, 1975–78, 16mm, color, 12 min
Shūji Terayama experimented with various cinematic possibilities, such as in Young Person's Guide to Cinema, where he used three projectors to produce multiple projections. The filmmaker and theorist Toshio Matsumoto shows in Murder Catalogue footage of murdered people and, with a commentary on the images that is always the same and narrated by himself, creates a labyrinthine work in which fiction and reality merge. As a Japanese experimental filmmaker, Takahiko Iimura had not only been one of the first to co-initiate the international screening movement, but also conducted cross-media experiments to question the form of film itself. In 24 Frames Per Second he used single frames for his cinematic expression. Michio Okabe, considered an icon of 1960s Japanese underground cinema, pursued the principle of subjective cinema by combining images that interested him cinematically and roles that he wanted to play himself. In Memoir the artist's fantasies of the late 1970s are featured in a chaotic chain of images. (H.G.)

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