Blua, 2017, Carolina Charry Quintero

Kim Knowles III

Non-Human Bodies

Concerning Flight: Five Illuminations in Miniature Charlotte Pryce. US, 2004, 16mm, color and b/w, 8 min
Blua Carolina Charry Quintero. US/CO, 2017, DCP, color and b/w, 22 min. Spanish with English subtitles
Journal and Remarks David Gatten. US, 2010, 16mm, color, 15 min
Laborat Guillaume Cailleau. DE, 2014, DCP, color and b/w, 21 min
All Her Beautiful Green Remains in Tears Amy Cutler. GB, 2018, DCP, color, 11 min
The conventional objectifying gaze of the cinema has most often been discussed in terms of the (particularly female) human body, with queer or feminist approaches being developed in opposition. Increasingly, however, filmmakers are questioning the gaze in relation to the non-human world – the way we frame and fix animal bodies, and the way we inhabit spaces alongside them. Writer Anat Pick has described as "vegan cinema" the kind of gaze that does not consume but offers a form of "being with." This is a gentle form of subversion that opens up cinema's capability for more ethical forms of representation and, by extension, modes of thinking. This program offers an ecocritical approach to subversion and emphasizes contemporary experimental cinema's growing interest in non-human bodies. Each of the five films presents a unique take on our relationship to nature and the role of cinema in questioning perceptual norms. (K.K.)

Screening dates:

So 24.10.2021 18:30
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