Das Block, 2006, Stefan Kolbe, Chris Wright

Birgit Kohler I

Das Block (The Block)

A film by Stefan Kolbe and Chris Wright. DE, 2006, DCP, color, 75 min. German with English subtitles
Preceded by:
Phantasiesätze (Fantasy Sentences) Dane Komljen. DE/DK, 2017, DCP, color, 17 min. Ukrainian with English subtitles
The Block introduces us to four sad figures living in a run-down East German prefab building: Hans-Joachim dreams of his great love. Silvio shoots out the lamps in former Soviet barracks. Olga wants to return to bombed-out Grozny; being alone is worse than war. Natalya cleanses her body with nettles and snow. The camera captures them in their cramped one-room apartments in extreme close-up, showing the pores of their skin and dandruff. Even in delicate moments, it does not keep its distance. In this way, we closely experience their precarious situation on the margins of society. In the post-apocalyptic setting of Fantasy Sentences, apartment blocks with their socialist insignia stand abandoned. Super 8 home movies featuring the family happiness of summers spent outdoors bear witness to former human existence. After the nuclear catastrophe, nature has overtaken architecture, and the question arises whether humans have turned into animals or trees. (B.K.)
With Dane Komljen in attendance on October 25

Screening dates:

Mo 25.10.2021 21:15
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