Cuatreros (Viehdiebe), 2016, Albertina Carri

Roger Koza III

The Southern Radicals (C)
Cuatreros (Rustlers)

A film by Albertina Carri. AR, 2016, DCP, color, 83 min. Spanish with English subtitles
Carri deals with a figure to which her sociologist father – abducted by the Argentine military in the 1970s – dedicated the book Prerevolutionary Forms of Violence in 1968: Isidro Velázquez. The clever way of citing it at the beginning bridges two distances: the time of the book to our times, and the political position of the father to that of the daughter, which differs completely. In the jargon of that time, this is a dialectical (and affective) synthesis. The controversial and mythical figure of this cuatrero (cattle rustler) was an icon of the popular rebellion. A film about this figure disappeared along with its director (Los Velázquez, by Pablo Szir), and many others also wanted to make that film about this enigmatic character. Carri proposes to do this. She travels to the Chaco, investigates, consults and reads her father's book. Cuatreros is the "negative" or off-camera result of something impossible, though sufficient and satisfactory. In the end, Carri's reasons are well understood. And Velázquez has served as a stimulus she has inherited that is resurrected symbolically while at the same time becoming contemporary. (R.K.)

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Do 28.10.2021 11:00
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