Farda Mibinamet, Elina (See You Tomorrow Elina)

Director, Screenplay: Rakhshan Banietemad; Cinematography: Hamid Najafirad, Mahnaz Mohammadi; Music: Siamak Kalantari; With: Mahnaz Aryanfard. Iran, 2011, DCP, color, 52 min. Persian with English subtitles
A miniature masterpiece and embodiment of everything that is great about Banietemad as both a poet and political activist, See You Tomorrow Elina initially seems like just a simple documentary about a kindergarten. We follow children innocently playing and talking over the course of a few days, only to gradually realize that something else is happening. Elina was shot in the immediate aftermath of the disputed 2009 Iranian presidential election and the noise of turmoil and unrest is literally a constant presence in the background. But it does not stay in the background. It creeps inside and infects the children's lives, influencing their conversations and emotions. Elina is sad because her father was taken away and the other children try to understand why. Working without a budget and on the smallest scale possible, Banietemad nevertheless shows incredible mastery in unraveling broad sociopolitical issues through the refreshingly simple and honest language of children. (T.A.)

Second screening on February 5, together with Hayat Khalvate Khaneh Khorshid (Angels of the House of Sun)

Unfortunately Rakhshan Banietemad has to cancel her visit due to health reasons.

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