Āy Ādamha (Hey Humans), 2016, Rakhshan Banietemad

Hamehye Derakhtane Man (All My Trees)

Director, Screenplay: Rakhshan Banietemad; Cinematography: Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah, Reza Abyat, Davoud Ashrafi; Editing: Shirin Barghnavard; With: Mahlagha Mallah. Iran, 2015, DCP, color, 51 min. Persian with English subtitles

Āy Ādamha (Hey Humans)

Director: Rakhshan Banietemad; Cinematography: Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah, Mohammad Hadadi; Editing: Shirin Barghnavard; Music: Siamak Kalantari. Iran, 2016, DCP, color, 66 min. Persian with English subtitles

A double bill of two political statements on two urgent problems in contemporary Tehran. All My Trees is a documentary portrait of Mahlagha Mallah, at the time, the oldest living Iranian environmentalist. In a city chocking in smog, Mallah talks about her lifelong efforts to preserve the environment and minimize pollution. Mallah passed away in November 2021 as we were preparing this retrospective and this screening is dedicated to her memory. In Hey Humans, Banietemad's attention shifts from endangered trees to endangered humans or, more specifically, underprivileged families in need of medical care. She follows a group of activists and volunteers who help connect sick people with doctors providing free medical care. In both of these late documentaries, Banietemad abandons all selfish aspirations to making grand artistic gestures and introduces us to her subjects in the simplest, most modest manner possible. She makes it clear that her films are here to promote and support a cause, nothing more, but also nothing less. (T.A.)

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Mi 09.02.2022 17:00
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