L’Arroseur arrosé, 1895, Cinématographe Lumière

Tell Me a Story!

L'Arroseur arrosé Cinématographe Lumière. FR, 1895, 35mm, b/w, 1 min (16 B/Sk)
Posjet iz svemira (Besuch aus dem Weltall) Zlatko Grgić. YU, 1964, DCP, color, 12 min
Illustration Compostage Élise Auffrey. FR, 2014, DCP, color, 2 min
This time, we sit down in the cinema and demand: Tell us a story! Movies are really good at this. Early films even did so without words, without sounds, and without color. Since then, all kinds of tricks have been developed to tell stories visually. From animation to time lapses, we will encounter several of them in this program. (Stefan Huber / Translation: Ted Fendt)
Ages 3 and up / Entry: 4.50 euros per person, reduced ticket price with "WIENEXTRA-Kinderaktivcard" (3 euros)