L'Île au trésor (Treasure Island), 1986, Raúl Ruiz

L'Île au trésor (Treasure Island)

Regie: Raúl Ruiz; Drehbuch: Raúl Ruiz nach dem Roman von Robert Louis Stevenson; Kamera: Acácio de Almeida; Schnitt: Rodolfo Wedeles, Valeria Sarmiento; Musik: Jorge Arriagada; Darsteller*innen: Melvil Poupaud, Martin Landau, Anna Karina, Jean-Pierre Léaud. FR/GB/US, 1986, DCP (von 35mm), Farbe, 117 min. Englisch/Französisch mit engl. UT

Stevenson's classic, with its motifs prominent in so many Ruiz films, is transposed to a mythic present in this meta-adaptation. Jim Hawkins is doubly represented in this perverse universe: once as an adult author and narrator (Jean-Pierre Léaud), and a second time as a child (Melvil Poupaud) to whom even his mother promises no protection. The adult players torture each other and relentlessly abuse the child in a giant game of a treasure map designed on the basis of Stevenson's book and modern game theory. "I'm not playing anymore!" is the phrase that achieves liberation after endless entanglements. (R.W.)
With Paulo Branco in attendance on October 21