Fado majeur et mineur (Fado in Major and Minor Key), 1994, Raúl Ruiz

Fado majeur et mineur (Fado in Major and Minor Key)

Regie, Drehbuch: Raúl Ruiz; Kamera: Jean-Yves Coic; Schnitt: Denise de Casabianca; Darsteller*innen: Jean-Luc Bideau, Melvil Poupaud, Ana Padrão, Jean-Yves Gautier, Bulle Ogier. FR/PT, 1994, 35mm, Farbe und sw, 116 min. Französisch mit engl. UT

Tourist guide Pierre blacks out and suddenly fails to recognize his own life. At his home he meets a mysterious stranger who wants to take revenge on him; a beloved woman has taken her own life. But is Pierre even responsible for this misfortune? And if so, to what extent? Later, in a nightclub, he meets Ninon, who dances like the woman who killed herself. Then, at a meeting by the sea, they get into an exchange about revenge, confessions, secrets and sensuality. Fado majeur et mineur is a thriller in which Ruiz places great emphasis on subtle gestures, a film which only seems inscrutable. (M.G.)