Les Âmes fortes (Savage Souls), 2001, Raúl Ruiz

Les Âmes fortes (Savage Souls)

Regie: Raúl Ruiz; Drehbuch: Alexandre Astruc, Mitchell Hooper, Alain Majani d'Inguimbert, Eric Neuhoff nach dem Roman von Jean Giono; Kamera: Eric Gautier; Schnitt: Valeria Sarmiento; Musik: Jorge Arriagada; Darsteller*innen: Laetitia Casta, Frédéric Diefenthal, Arielle Dombasle, John Malkovich, Édith Scob. FR/BE/CH, 2001, 35mm, Farbe, 121 min. Französisch mit engl. UT
A first-class adaptation of the 1949 novel by Jean Giono with an excellent ensemble cast and magically pictured by Eric Gautier: Around 1880, the beautiful Thérèse settles with her lover Firmin in a peaceful village in the Provence region. The two make the acquaintance of Monsieur and Madame Numance, who are both as friendly as they are wealthy. Firmin senses an opportunity for easy money and takes advantage of Madame Numance's naivety to set up a shady business. But it is above all the multifaceted nature of the relationship between Madame and Thérèse that creates suspense. (M.G.)