La Maison Nucingen (Nucingen House), 2008, Raúl Ruiz

La Maison Nucingen (Nucingen House)

Regie: Raúl Ruiz; Drehbuch: Raúl Ruiz nach der Kurzgeschichte von Honoré de Balzac; Kamera: Inti Briones, Jacques Bouquin; Schnitt: Béatrice Clérico; Musik: Jorge Arriagada; Darsteller*innen: lsa Zylberstein, Jean-Marc Barr, Laurent Malet, Audrey Marnay. FR/CL/RO, 2008, 35mm, Farbe, 98 min. Französisch mit engl. UT

At a card game night, a man wins a villa on the edge of the Cordilleras, which he then visits for the first time with his wife. From the very beginning, an eerie, surreal mood hangs over this trip, a ghost appears along the way and the highly neurotic permanent tenants welcome the couple with ambiguous offers. They are monarchists who speak only in the language (French) of the old Viennese court, not the only haunting feature here. "Austrians are all crazy," is said once, and this is particularly true of the boarding house guests, who haunt and drive each other mad in unison with the ghosts of the past. (R.W.)