The Territory, 1981, Raúl Ruiz

The Territory

Regie: Raúl Ruiz; Drehbuch: Raúl Ruiz, Gilbert Adair; Kamera: Henri Alekan, Acácio de Almeida; Schnitt: Valeria Sarmiento, Claudio Martínez; Musik: Jorge Arriagada; Darsteller*innen: Geoffrey Carey, Paul Getty Jr., Jeffrey Kime, Isabelle Weingarten. US/PT, 1981, 35mm, Farbe, 113 min. Englisch
A family trip to an eerie wooded area is derailed when the hikers can't find their way back. A chilling madness grips adults and children alike, tempting them to murder and cannibalism. In parallel, the real circumstances of the film shoot seem to be reflected in the story – or is it the other way around? Wim Wenders, both witness and supporter on the sidelines, was inspired by Ruiz's financial woes during the shooting of The State of Things, wherein he tells of the collapse of a film production, using Ruiz's actors. A nightmare fantasy of exile and return: "To get out of the park we have to get out of Europe, but to get out of Europe we have to get out of the park." (R.W.)