Wiener Strandbad, Österreich-Ungarn, 1911

Short Film Program: Head First, Eyes Open

Wiener Strandbad Austria-Hungary, 1911, 35mm, b/w, 1 min
Im Herrenbad, Strandunterhaltungen, Familienidylle Austria-Hungary, 1911, 35mm, b/w, 3 min
Strandleben in Baden bei Wien / Life on the Beach at Baden near Vienna AT, 1926, 35mm, b/w, 10 min
Badeulk Austria, ca. 1920-1930, DCP (from 35mm), b/w, 7 min
Danses cosmopolites FR, 1902, 35mm, hand-colored, 1 min
Les Équilibristes Godayou FR, 1911, 35mm, stencil colored, 8 min
Österreichische Heilbäder A/2 Robert Wohlmuth, Hugo Eywo, Austria, 1926-1930; DCP (from 35mm), ca. 11 min, German intertitles with English subtitles
Wonders of the Sea [Fragment] John Ernest Williamson, US 1922; Cinematography: Jay Rescher; Cast: Jack Gardner, John Ernest Williamson, Lulu McGrath. DCP (from 35mm), tinted, ca. 20 min. French intertitles with English subtitles

Curtains up for a lively and wet revue of bodies in motion. Dive with us into a spectacle of diversity  in the shape of early silent films. Bathing beauties, bruisers and star athletes seduce, hassle and carry us away. Head first, eyes open! They vanish and transform, hop, dance, climb, dive and splash. They are clumsy and bowl us over. But then again, they are delicate and keep us in balance. They conjure butterflies and show us what colors really are. And they also tell us when it is enough. The end, it's over, thank you for your attention. (J.D./F.H.)

Introduced by Janneke van Dalen, Florian Haag, and Lena Stötzel (in English)
Piano accompaniment by Elaine Loebenstein

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