Wienfilm 1896–1976, 1977, Ernst Schmidt jr.

Wienfilm 1896–1976

Ernst Schmidt jr., AT 1977
Screenplay: Ernst Schmidt jr. DCP (from 16mm), color and b/w, 121 min. German with English subtitles
Ernst Schmidt jr. scatters the city and reassembles it in 130 segments as something new. Wienfilm 1896–1976, in Ernst Schmidt jr.'s words "a kind of anthology about Vienna from the invention of film to the present," combines and contrasts archival footage reaching back to the first moving images of Vienna from the Lumières' era, with contributions by and in collaboration with contemporary artists (including Friedrich Achleitner, Marc Adrian, H.C. Artmann, Moucle Blackout, VALIE EXPORT, Padhi Frieberger, Ernst Jandl, Friederike Mayröcker and Peter Weibel). Ernst Schmidt jr. and his collaborators trace out a "cinema of attractions" full of sensationalism and the joy of presentation while also mapping a who’s who of Vienna’s late 1970s avant-garde scene. (J.D./F.H.)
47 years after its world premiere at the Film Museum, we are pleased to present the Vienna premiere of our 2K digital restoration from the original 16mm negative in our collection. The English subtitles are based on a translation from Eve Heller and Peter Ahorner, which sixpackfilm made available to us and was adjusted for the restored version of the film.
Introduced by Janneke van Dalen and Florian Haag (in English)

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