Rose Hobart, 1936, Joseph Cornell

Cross-Wired Cinema: American Artist Joseph Cornell, Film Collector-Filmmaker

Lecture by Bruce Posner and André Habib & Films
This program offers a virtual "studienfilm" primer of the ways and means used by American artist Joseph Cornell (1905-1972) to express himself creatively on film. His cinematic oeuvre was closely tied to his role as an obsessive collector and exhibitor of early silent cinema, promotional film still photographs, and LP music recordings, but also testifies to his longtime friendship with artists, filmmakers, critics, gallery dealers, and museum curators. The eclectic program of shorts will include completed titles, selected extracts, and study film compilation reels. It proposes an incisive overview of Cornell's unique appreciation of early cinema and the works he liberally appropriated into his silent film collages. Several influential and extremely rare contemporary works perhaps consequential to Cornell's cinema are also featured. In a Cornelian spirit that leans towards ineffable, unexplained and startling gestures, the adventurous cine-flaneur will discover a dreamlike, enigmatic and novel experimental approach to the "long" early cinema. (B.P.)

Curated by Bruce Posner with the collaboration of André Habib

Lecture in English
Courtesy of "Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1894-1941," a collaborative preservation project of Anthology Film Archives, 
DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, and Filmmakers Showcase with sixty of the world's leading film archives and sponsored by Cineric, Inc., New York.
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For Jermayne MacAgy and Elizabeth Rockwell Raphael

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